Friday, December 28, 2012

HR - The Conscience of the Organization

HR interventions play a critically important role for organizations especially on the growth stage of the lifecycle. My observation has been that sometimes 'unplanned-out of the blue' interventions can be of great value. And these interventions can in turn serve as learning and improvement arenas for HR as a function. On one such occasion, I and my boss had the opportunity to spend quality time with our (Vinculum Solutions) CEO Mr. Venkat Nott discussing the road ahead and the challenges facing the organization and how we intended to opportune them.This led us to the discussion of what is going on well and what is not w.r.t HR as a function. On this, Mr. Nott commented - "HR has to be the conscience of the organization". This touched me deeply as an HR professional and cleared up my cluttered mind on how should the activities of my HR function be principled. What particularly touched me was when Mr. Nott said, "Even I may make a few unpopular decisions but it is your duty to do just and fair things".

On innumerable occasions, HR professionals are faced with decisions involving 'what is right'. The decisions can be either on account of strategy, organizational policies,cost rationalization and others impacting both the businesses and the manpower. Whatever the say of the management or the employees, it is HR's prerogative to set the mirror right and show the true picture. This also sets the role of HR as a mediator bringing equilibrium to the table. My intention here is not to project HR as the only function responsible for setting and doing things right. Nor to undermine the role HR needs to play in adding value to business. But while all the buzz around HR circles is about HR being a strategic partner and its nuances,I guess my CEO explained that in a much simpler and immaculate manner.

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