Monday, October 14, 2013

Closure - An Important aspect of Talent Acquisition Process

Look at the image above for 5 seconds.

Now, analyse what your mind was at while looking at the incomplete circle - Was it trying to make the ends meet or join? I am sure, most of us would get the ends meet. This is what psychologists call 'Closure' and human brains are wired to attain closure.

Recently, I came across individuals and bright ones for that matter who didn’t have very high opinion of some of the very good and known brands to work for.  The reason – “Apply, Apply but no Reply”. Many organizations, I know of, have a very good hiring process for the chosen ones or for individuals who swim across various stages of the selection process. The candidates definitely have a feel-good experience and they talk highly about it. However, not many organizations have a pleasant way of showing the red signal.

Organizations world-wide spend a great deal on ‘Employer Branding’ exercise in an attempt to lure the best available in the talent market. Even with available metrics it is extremely difficult for the organizations to justify the cost-benefit of these dollars. As many would put it – “We have high online virality of our company updates” or “We are the most talked about” or “We are the most searched for”. However, living with these incomplete notions and defining employer branding only till that is flawed. Each and every touch point matters while creating and leaving an impression.

The big question to ask is “How many of us have a feel good experience for the applicants throughout our hiring process?” Closure is an important part of human nature. We all desire closure and don’t want to have dangling situations. The dangling aspects act like a baggage and constantly nag our mind. I am sure each one of us early in our careers would have sent our resumes or emails asking on a probable opening/vacancy at a particular organization. Our reactions to revert and non-reverts would have been at the opposite ends of the ‘feel-good’ continuum; sometimes leaving a bitter feeling and at other times feeling courteous towards the organization.

A revert or a reply for closure may seem pithy and we may not pay much attention but to the applicant it may leave a pleasant impression and who knows your Talent Acquisition team may be bombarded with referrals by the non-selected candidates. Your TAT may create opportunities galore, creating a large pool of candidates.

A small action may reap huge benefits. Just Think. So have you mandated a closure for each application received by your TAT? If not, what are you waiting for?

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